Impractical Jokers funniest clips

Impractical jokers Season 7 episode 7 funny Q as secretary has to explain what happens when a man loves a woman:

Impractical Jokers season 7 episode 1 started with this great Joe Gatto clip. Check to see how Joe Loves New York Titi

In Season 7 premiere of Impractical Jokers Sal was enjoying the view of New York and you can’t say the same for the tourists.
Don’t be an idiot is becoming a new famous Sal phrase.

In Season 1 premier of Impractical Jokers, Brian Quinn, popular Q, said his most famous line: Hey Mustache and rest is history.

In season 1 of Impractical Jokers in Episode 3 Sal Vulcano, popular Sal, was teaching cpr. Check this video to find out how it went.

In this Best of Impractical Jokers video: Let’s see what happens when our Jokers pretend to be dentists. I have feeling it won’t end good.

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