Howard And Bernadette – Their story

The Big Bang Theory brought us this amazing characters in Howard and Bernadette and here is their love story from begging, trough their first meet, first date, proposal, wedding and finally their baby.


Enjoy this great, funny and romantic video. It also includes Howard's song to Bernadette: "If I didn't have You". Melissa Rauch (Bernadette) said about that song:

Simon Helberg (Howard ) Nailed It in One Take

When we first meet Howard he was awkward and clueless about woman. He was destined to be alone. His romance with Bernadette started badly but he managed to turned it around.

When Bernadette joined "the gang" she was this loudly and strong women who had same mom issues as Howard. This were the thing that connected them.

After that they relationship was set for first The Big Bang Theory marriage. Now they are faced with new challenge, the hardest one, parenthood.

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