Impractical Jokers: 2 Jokers on!

Impractical Jokers: 2 Jokers on! Sometime they play against each other and sometime they are together trying to bring other 2 Jokers down. But we can all agree they are funniest together. Check how they did against each other in this video, covering some of games from Season 6 and 7 of Impractical Jokers.

Impractical Jokers Disaster Dates

In this Best of Impractical Jokers: our Jokers tried speed dating. The catch was they had to say and do what other Jokers said. See how this quickly turned in Disaster dates here.

Impractical Jokers: Joker vs Joker

Impractical Jokers best Joker vs Jokers challenges. Watch here funny videos where Jokers go against each other. Joe vs Murr, Q vs Joe etc. See who wins and take the spoils!

Impractical Jokers All 4v4

In Season 6 Impractical Jokers presented they firs 4 vs 4 Jokers challenge. One was in episode 7 and other was in episode 19. Four Jokers Enter only one left. Winner is the one who don’t laugh. Check full challenges in this video.

The Office Diversity Day

In first Season of The Office Michael had an interesting approach to office diversity day in Episode 3. Let’s just say that someone filed a complain after his impression of Chris Rock stand up. Check this video to find out how it went.

Impractical Jokers funniest clips

Impractical jokers Season 7 episode 7 funny Q as secretary has to explain what happens when a man loves a woman: Impractical Jokers season 7 episode 1 started with this great Joe Gatto clip. Check to see how Joe Loves New York Titi In Season 7 premiere of Impractical Jokers Sal was enjoying the view […]

Hannah And Justin : Their Story

Hannah And Justin : Their Story is video about Hannah and Justin relationship from Netflix hit TV show 13 Reasons Why. Check how their story begin , from first smile, meet to kiss and eventual end.

Stranger Things Season 3

Stranger things Season 3 everything you wanted to know. Release date. New characters. Is Season 4 last season?

Best TV Shows You Didn’t Watch

Best TV Shows You Didn’t Watch! Great TV shows you probably missed. All of them are available on Netflix and have around 9 score on imdb. Don’t miss this Netflix gems! TV Shows: The Mechanism, The Expanse, Dark, The End of The F***ing World, Mindhunter