AngularJs with Webpack part 2: Angular Component and Webpack Loader

In my first post, I demonstrated how to use Webapck with AngularJs quickly and in the simplest possible way.  You can read more in my previous article AngularJs with Webpack part 1. We will continue to build the same application and reference some things from the previous article so please get familiar to it or use it […]

AngularJs with Webpack part 1

The goal of this article is to show you and explain how to set up the fastest and simplest possible AngularJs application with Webpack. I will start with simplest angularJs application and build from that, adding loaders and plugins to accommodate different dependencies like bootstrap, filetypes like css etc. Webpack is a static module bundler […]

roccat sova

Roccat Sova Review

For years only viable way to play your games on your sofa and big screen were game consoles. Then we got more and more options that include a steam link but still, all was built around controllers. Many tried with adapters and improvised setups to get that keyboard and mouse experience in their living room. […]

ir vs irse

Introduction When to use ir and irse in Spanish language? This simple concept will help you properly use it every time. Note that irse is infinitive reflexive form of verb ir – to go. So we are using ir when talking about movement, to some place, from A to B etc. For movement in Spanish […]

Is Gaming future in Cloud?

Is Gaming future in Cloud? On E3 2018 we saw an interesting new trend. Companies started to announce new gaming model. Same model was tried before but failed because of technical limitations. So the question is: Are we there now?

Opinion: Bethesda E3 2018 Review

Bethesda had solid conference on this years E3 2018. They show us new The Elder Scrolls game but it wasn’t what everybody expected. Here you can see my opinion and review of conference. To summarize we had announcements of Rage 2, Wolfenstein Young Blood, Doom Eternal, Fallout 76 and The Elder Scrolls Blade. For Doom […]

Best of Bethesda E3 2018 Recap

Best of Bethesda E3 2018 Recap! Bethesda had strong show on E3 2018. They presented new Fallout 76 first Multiplayer Fallout! Other big reveals were: Rage 2 and new Wolfenstein Youngblood. They also showed us Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6 teasers and that they are in production. We found out that Fallout shelter is […]

E3 2018 Best from Microsoft and Xbox

E3 2018 Best from Microsoft and Xbox covers Microsoft’s E3 2018 Conference. Microsoft presented 50 games, world premieres and 15 Xbox exclusives including new Hallo 6: Hallo Infinite. Check them all in this recap video!

E3 2018 Best of Sony

On E3 2018 Sony decided to have a different conference than Microsoft. They mostly focused on 4 games and teas us with they other games. See here how Sony did this year in a E3 2018 Best of Sony recap video.